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About Us

Our clients will tell you that we are superb designers and uncompromising craftsmen, but it is our determination to stimulate imagination- yours and our own- that sets us apart. It is to that effort that we dedicate this website.

A lifelong student of the arts, John Wainscott began his career in furniture design in 1972. Though he is highly experienced in the classic styles of furnituremaking, cabinetry, and fine finishing, his passion for innovation has led to a wide variety of creative designs. Made of everything from exotic veneers and metals to cast concrete and bamboo, each piece has an exciting, yet refined, style that reflects a deep love of form and beautiful materials.

We also offer an array of exquisite finishes, from classic lacquerwork and gilding to modern synthetics and metal patinas. Never "farmed out", each finish is lovingly applied in our own facility, under Mr. Wainscott's personal guidance.

Over the years, we have consistently exceeded the expectations of the most discriminating clientele. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.

Listing of the pieces on display in our web gallery.

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